Is Activated Charcoal Good for Your Oral Health?

Is Activated Charcoal Good for Your Oral Health?

Mar 04, 2022

Activated charcoal is the new shining star of the health and beauty industry. From being used in health supplements, oral care products as well as beauty products, charcoal has made quite a name in the market. It is also known to be an impactful ingredient that brings a bevy of oral care benefits. So, if you have been on a lookout for a herbal toothpaste for whitening teeth and have come across toothpastes made with activated charcoal, there is a reason.
But first, let’s understand activated charcoal and its functions a little better.
What is activated charcoal?
Activated Charcoal
Not to be confused with charcoal, which is a carcinogen, activated charcoal, the kind that is used in toothpastes and beauty products, is a fine grain powder derived from coconut shells, wood, and other natural substances which are oxidized under extreme temperatures. This enables the activated charcoal to be ready to absorb toxins, acids, and bacteria.
How does activated charcoal work?
Activated charcoal functions as a sponge that absorbs toxins, acids, stains, and bacteria
Activated charcoal functions as a sponge that absorbs toxins, acids, stains, and bacteria. You must have heard many uses like hospitals using charcoal for absorbing poisons and for water purification, among many other uses. It performs the same function in oral care and skincare products, too.
Activated charcoal in toothpaste for whitening teeth; does it really work?
To whiten the teeth, the product has to work on the surface stains as well as stains that are below the enamel. Activated charcoal in herbal toothpastes is known to help remove stains from the surface of the tooth which in return helps in whitening the teeth.
What are the benefits of using herbal toothpastes with activated charcoal?
1. Helps in removing superficial stains and makes your teeth visibly whiter
Food and lifestyle habits sometimes leave extrinsic stains on our teeth, which slowly start to accumulate on the outermost layer known as enamel. These stains gradually develop due to certain elements present in caffeine, wine, and even smoking.
Activated charcoal helps in absorbing these extrinsic stains to give you naturally white teeth.
2. Helps in removing accumulated plaque and freshening the breath
Various researchers have found that activated charcoal can help in increasing the pH level of the oral cavity primarily because it has the capability to bind successfully with acidic components. The activated charcoal in herbal toothpastes can also result in accelerated removal of acidic compounds from your mouth. Thus, activated charcoal can help in reducing plaque and relieving bad breath.
Now that you have a fair understanding of how activated charcoal in herbal toothpastes can help in whitening your teeth and boost overall oral health, here is a Dabur Charcoal Herbal Toothpaste you can add to your oral health care regime.